Thorstein Grimfang

Nick Pepera's Dwarven Cleric


My character’s name is Thorstein Grimfang (Pronounced Tor-steen) and for the purposes of giving him equipment and materials he is proficient in all armors and shields, with proficiency in battleaxe, hand axe, throwing hammer, warhammer, simple weapons, and martial weapons. He chose the mason’s tools so he could help rebuild his citadel. Thus we have come to the beginning of Thorstein’s tale…

The lad grew up an outcast in his hold of Khazad-Kurn far to the north. This was mainly due to the fact that the area was populated by mountain dwarves however, his family were hill dwarves displaced due to marauding bands of orcs and goblins to the south. Growing up he was ostracized heavily and vowed one fateful night that he would end this torture by any means necessary to gain respect for his family, the Grimfangs. When he came of age he joined the vaunted Iron Breakers legion to combat the increasing attacks on the hold from the goblin and its foul kin. He quickly developed a name for himself as he discovered he had a slight affinity for magic (by dwarf standards this was irregular and usually scorned). after discovering his gift he decided he could use it for good to help the legion that he came to call his own brothers and sisters. Channeling this new found power he became what he likes to call a ‘Storm Cleric’ venerating the prime god Thor. After creating quite the amount of renown for himself, he was promoted to the standard bearer for the 1st company of the legion, one filled with mainly veterans, the best of the best of you will. In addition, he was able to create his own sect of clerics that he trained himself and distributed them amongst the other companies to further bolster their combat effectiveness. However, this was all for naught as the increasing attacks were only the vanguard. One night the Horde’s of (generic orc warband leader) fell upon Khazad-Kurn like a tidal wave, smashing asunder the carefully laid defenses. Tasked as the first line of defense in the under halls, the Iron Breakers met the foe with unbowed ferocity however, were utterly annihilated due to the sheer amount of foes. Thorstein only barely escaped with his life as the commander of the 1st company, Astrid Hellbender, decided that the legion must be rebuilt and the standard bearer was the best hope as he has the power and the experience to do so. She recognized in him a faint shimmer or glow that needed to be tempered by time. this glow was his upbringing, he knows what it’s like to grow up with nothing, no security, no power, no ideals to bolster him in the night. That’s what the legion stood for, keeping the horrors in the underdark at bay so others wouldn’t have to worry. Foundlings could grow up feeling safe and secure. In that instant, she knew he would bring about the Iron Breakers again…and with that she sent him off. He fled down a side passage and through various runins of splinter badns of orcs/goblins and such arrived on the outskirts of the hold…along the tunnel he found one of the old barracks room for the Storm Clerics…finding amongst the room was massive casualties of both dwarves and goblin-foe. amongst the strewn dead he found his few Storm Clerics, battling till the very end. Morosely he burned the bodies and collected the bones for burial later..the last glimpses he had of his hold was intense fire and the goblin-foe cheers ringing in his ears which he still hears till this day….

Hope you liked that small excerpt, it’s late and I’m hoping to expand and proofread it better in the future. The bones I talked about at the end I want to keep with me so I can use them in the reanimate dead spell so my Storm Clerics are always with me along with ideas of recreating a bastion of the Iron Breakers Legion but turning them into the Iron Legion..hopefully a better version…might keep the original name or the new one or maybe go with a completely different name..we’ll see. Also my personality traits are as follows:

Ideals: my city/nation/people are all that matter (their dead so kinda goes with the Lawful Neutral alignment lol)

Bonds: I’ll never forget the crushing defeat my company suffered or the enemies who dealt it (Possible personal quest later going into the Norse campaign???)

Flaws: I’d rather eat my armor than admit I’m wrong (gonna have to play with this one and see how to flesh it out).

Thorstein Grimfang

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