Cambion Drenyara's Revenge

Since we had a few less players than usual, I gave them a nice side quest that was still relevant to the main plot but the other players didn’t miss much for progression. Thorstein Grimfang was captured by the sister to Cambion Crynvile whom they fought and killed in a previous session at the Paladin Corps HQ. The four characters that showed up to this session (Charles VaneVarisVictorQuiroth received a note telling them to get Thorstein back from The Shadowed Grotto near the coast by Kaiserstead.

After traveling to the grotto and fighting an Owlbear and Thug, the party fought a Bandit Captain, Succubus, and Imp upon entering. The Bandit Captain was able to snap out of the charm spell, and assisted the party in navigating the grotto’s traps and secret passageways. Meanwhile, he was recovering from being forced to slaughter all his men in the grotto by the charm spell, and was suffering from his combat wounds.

Within the last room, a Barlgura and Cambion Drenyara gave the final challenge and attacked the party. Drenyara charmed Charles Vane, and forced him to fight against his companions with his strong sorcery spells, but the companions were more than strong enough to kill both of them. During the final combat, the Bandit Captain was lost as well, and the party plundered the bandit and demon remains for spoils and loot.

Now, most of the party has spent the week in Kaiserstead, making connections and conducting business, while training some necessary skills while they await the final session of Act 1 in the Jilera campaign!



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